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for AFCOE Africa

Launching a school in Africa, has many challenges, one of which is equipping.  The following is a list of what we see are the needs for equipment for AFCOE Africa:
     1)  A Vehicle - 4x4 (in rainy season, unpaved roads in Africa turn to mudholes).
     2)  Used Laptops and projectors for our students to conduct their evangelistic meetings.  If 
          you have a used laptop or video projector in good working order, you can send those
          directly to Amazing Facts, marked "For AFCOE AFRICA" or you can make a donation in
          cash that we can use for purchasing those items locally in Africa.
To sponsor equipment for AFCOE Africa, please mark your gift:
(You can specify what you would like your gift to be used for)
Raised: $0
Needed: $10,000
Thank You!
For clairfication or questions, please email:
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