Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism

Nairobi, KENYA

At AFCOE Africa, you will master the techniques of winning souls, giving Bible Studies, and getting decisions for Christ. 


AFCOE Africa offers three evangelistic training courses:


     1) Comprehensive Evangelism (Full-Course)


     2) iSHARE (Personal Evangelism Workshop on Sundays)



can be a successful evangelist!

Learn the principles of soul-winning at Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism in Nairobi, KENYA

In partnership with
the Nairobi Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

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The Comprehensive Evangelism Course (Full-course) covers five components of evangelism:


     1) Public evangelism

     2) Personal evangelism

     3) Child evangelism

     4) Health evangelism

     5) Literature evangelism


In the Full-course, you will also learn all the components of conducting a successful evangelistic crusade for either adults or children.


Register for the Full-course now while space is still available!

Can't take the full-course because of time or finances?  If you live in the vacinity of Nairobi, then take the iSHARE training in personal evangelism - 12 Sundays of training.

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