Lowell Hargreaves is the director of AFCOE Africa.  For more than twenty-three years, he and his family have traveled the globe, conducting public evangelistic seminars for Amazing Facts Ministries.  He brings a wealth of evangelistic experience to the training program, along with a natural gift for teaching, and a passion for practical Christian living. 


Teresa Hargreaves is a graduate of AFCOE in America. She has spent most of her life traveling with her parents, and seeing public evangelism in action.  For the past several years, she has conducted her own evangelistic meetings for children alongside of her father’s meetings.  Teresa teaches Personal Evangelism and Child Evangelism at AFCOE Africa.


Michael Hargreaves is a graduate of the AFCOE training program in America, and has served as an instructor in the AFCOE training in the Philippines for several years.  He has a passion for soul-winning and evangelism and together with his father he conducts public seminars on prophecy.  Michael teaches Bible Doctrines and Daniel and Revelation at AFCOE Africa.


Sandra Hargreaves is sometimes thought of as the AFCOE student’s “mother,” providing encouragement and advice to AFCOE Africa students along with being the AFCOE Africa accountant.  She coordinates and oversees the preparation of craft supplies for all the Child Evangelistic meetings and does most of the organization for AFCOE Africa's Child Evangelism outreach.


Flora Mae Dejito is the outreach coordinator for AFCOE Africa, and brings a wealth of experience in Bible Work and outreach.  Flora Mae pioneered the Amazing Facts Bible Worker "Intern" program in Metro Manila, which continues to provide AFCOE graduates with full-time Bible Worker experience.  Since graduating from the AFCOE training program in the Philippines, Flora Mae has worked as a full-time Bible Instructor.  She will also be teaching personal evangelism at AFCOE Africa. 


Eric Jan ("EJ") Villavicencio is the AFCOE Africa chef.   For his young age, he is one of the world's most talented cooks. Since graduating from the AFCOE training in the Philippines, he has been the chief chef at the AFCOE Manila training center.  AFCOE students love his tasty dishes, and we believe that you will too!