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The "small" world with BIG results!

One of the components of the AFCOE Africa training program, is child evangelism.  Statistics show that the probability of accepting Christ is about 32% for children aged 5 - 13 compared to only about 6% for adults.  That means that Child Evangelism is the most fruitful field for evangelistic endeavor!  Sadly, children are often neglected in evangelistic outreach.  Not so at AFCOE Africa!


Students in the AFCOE Africa training will not only learn how to conduct an evangelistic series for children, but will get hands-on experience in a live crusade for children.  Ladies especially, find this to be a rewarding experience in soul-winning, and some graduates make it a full-time ministry.  Join AFCOE Africa, and learn how to be an effective evangelist for either adults or children!



In partnership with
the Uganda Union of  Seventh-day Adventists

Through the children we reach the ADULTS.

Through the children we reach the FUTURE.

Through the children we reach the WORLD!

Pray for the children attending Child Evangelistic meetings in Africa.

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