Sponsor Me Lion

Need a Sponsor for your AFCOE Africa Training?  Here are a couple suggestions:

AFCOE Africa provides a budget of 2.2M UGX for each evangelistic campaign conducted by its Full-Course students during their fourth month of training.  So why not ask your local church to schedule a one-month evangelistic campaign with Amazing Facts, and send you to get the training.  The church will pay your tuition out of their evangelism budget, since essentially they will be investing in a crusade of 2.2M UGX, and you get a "free" training by Amazing Facts to be an evangelist!


What this essentially means, is that your local church's evangelism budget will be spent to do evangelism, but in the process, you the participating church member, get trained for FREE! 


For a LETTER that you can print and present to your local pastor and church board...

The second suggestion for sponsoring your tuition at AFCOE Africa, is to print out the fund-raising letter that is available for download here, and take that to friends or church members to raise funds for your tuition.

For a FUND-RAISING letter that you can use to raise money for your tuition...